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BMX Ramp

BMX Ramp:

It is time to get on your bike and head down to the BMX Ramp to show off your biking skills. Ride your bike, gain acceleration and perform stunts on your bike while in the air. The more difficult the stunt the more points you will earn.There are two game modes: In Free Run mode you can get familiar with the controls and perform stunts as long as you wish. But, you will not gain any points in this mode. In the Compete mode you have to perform as many stunts as you can before the time runs out to score the highest points.
The basic controls are listed below, but you have to use a combination of keys to perform difficult stunts. Submit your score to the high score list at the end of the game to assess your world wide ranking. Good luck.

Basic Controls:
Accelerate Up Arrow Key
Side Flip Down Arrow Key
Superman Flip A Key
Rotate Handle S Key
Batman Flip D Key

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